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"Selling your house can be stressful and overwhelming. Our quick cash offer and buying the house “as is” will eliminate all that stress, hassle and uncertainty."

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We make the selling of your house process fast and easy. If you are looking at selling your home, we are the guys for you!

We are experienced real estate developers that specialize in buying and rehabbing houses in the twin cities. Whether you want a quick cash offer from us, want to list your house or do some repairs, we can do it all! You have options with us. We are a one-stop shop to make the process stress-free! Get in touch with us, you have nothing to lose.

Nick & Nate is based in Minneapolis

What we Offer:

Instant Cash Offer
Quick Close
Licensed Real Estate Agents
In-house Contractors for rehab
Offer within 24 hours

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Here are some issues you might be facing that we can help solve!


Selling Your House?

Want to sell your house fast? We will give you an offer within 24 hours.

Family Member Moving?

Is it time for one of your family members ready to move out of their home?

Want to Downsize?

Sick of all the maintenance and is it becoming too overwhelming? If your house is too much to handle and becoming a burden we can take it off your hands.

House Needs Repairs?

Are there numerous repairs on your home? Do you not want to shell out lots of time and money for those costly repairs?

Facing Foreclosure?

Are you behind on your mortgage? We can make a cash offer within 24 hours so you wont have to stress about your next mortgage payment.


Are you facing divorce and need to sell your house?

We Buy houses in 2022

Imagine how easy it could be

There is a lot of uncertainty with selling your house. Here are a few dilemmas people face that we help eliminate.

Quick Cash

Quick Cash

Are you trying to sell for a fair, quick, easy cash offer? We buy houses in any condition.

No Repairs

No Repairs

When selling your home, depending on the age, there are usually a lot of things that need some repairs. From the simple repairs like painting to more complex repairs like roof replacement, we will do it all.

No Cleaning

No Cleaning

We will do all of the cleaning. From the trash removal to cleaning the windows. We eliminate all cleaning. You won’t even need to hold a MOP.

No Showings

No Showings

Do not worry about having to leave your house multiple times a day for showings. We will not disrupt your busy life with countless showings. We come once to look at the house and that is it.

No Commissions

No Commissions

There are a lot of fees and commissions when selling your home. From the real estate commissions and closing cost to repairs/inspection costs to staging costs, these fees add up. We have eliminated the middleman and these fees!

No Uncertainty

No Uncertainty

We take all the uncertainty and unknown out of selling your home. We eliminate two things. First, the unknown sales price by offering you our fair price immediately. Second, the unknown requests from the buyer. From the inspection report findings to negotiating the sale price, these requests are all eliminated.

No Stress

No Stress

Selling your home can be very stressful. We eliminate all of that stress. Sit back, relax and let us take on that burden.

How It Works

If you are looking at selling your house, the process is fast and easy!

Step 1: Sign Up

Fill out our contact form or call us at 612-245-1086.

Step 2: Phone Call

We will discuss your house and situation over the phone. This usually last about 5 - 10 minutes.

Step 3: See Your House

We will set up a meeting to come and look at your property.

Step 4: Our Offer

We will present our offer to YOU within 24 hours!

It is that EASY!

You Have Questions, We Have Solutions!

You probably have some questions about selling your house, here are some common questions and answers.

What kind of condition does the house have to be in?

We buy houses in any condition. That is what we mean by “as is” and we have the resources to fix the repairs, no matter the size.

Do you need to see the property in person?

Yes. In order for you to receive our offer, we would need to come out and see the exterior and interior of the property. We look briefly at each room and the visit usually takes 15 minutes. After we have seen the property in person and have looked at neighborhood comparative sales we will present our offer. Expect an offer within one or two days.

How do you determine the price you offer for the house?

There are a few factors that go into the price we offer you. We first look at neighborhood comparable sales. Time, energy and money/resources to fix up the property factor into the offer as well. After the repairs are factored in, we will be able to come to a fair price. We ultimately want to offer a fair and competitive deal for both parties so it is a win-win. We hear from past clients that it is hard to put a price on not having to deal with the stress and hassle of selling an outdated home.

I am looking for top dollar on my property and there are not many repairs or updates to be done. Is your company the right buyer for our property?

We typically buy homes that either need repairs or updates. Usually, older homes that are outdated. Sometimes it is not a right fit but it does not hurt to see. You will not have to pay for: repairs, updates, cleaning, removing trash, agents commissions. If you are ok with taking on those things then we probably are not the right fit. Your best bet would probably be listing the property with an agent the traditional way.

How fast can we close?

We will work on your timeline but usually takes three to four weeks. We are the buyer and do not whole sale the property or have inspections. This allows for a quick close.

If you have any more questions feel free to give us a call!

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